MSc Yoga and Naturopathy is a two year post-graduate program. Yoga was originated in India thousands years ago and it is a structured discipline. Many of saints made its prorogation possible. In naturopathy students are taught to use natural ingredients to prepare cure medicines for many of diseases.

Eligibility Criteria:

For applying in M.Sc.Yoga & Naturopathy a student must have 55% marks in graduationin any subjects.

Current status of Yoga and Naturopathyat National and International level:

Naturopathy is an ancient science which uses natural ingredients to prepare drugs for diseases. To recognize and realize the need of naturopathy Government of India established central council for research in yoga and naturopathy (CCRYN), New Delhi, and NIN (national institute of naturopathy) Pune, and near about 500 naturopathy hospitals in India.
Patanjali is one of the most successful Yoga and Naturopathy place which was founded by Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev. Also there is a good demand of yoga globally, people have recognized this and believe in Yoga.
Government of India came together with seven yoga at an international conference on yoga

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