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I am hereby declaring that the above said Board/Council is an autonomous educational body . According to Indian Education Act,all Indian citizens have e right to get proper education from any Institute/Board which are formed under the articles of Constitution of India s per Article 19A (G). According to having discretionary powers to educational organisation have he right to proved education to all. The course of PIMS cording to education act and autonomous programme. These courses are based on worldwide need up knowledge and wisdom and not guaranteed f or f further educational use and go t. job. This course is f further f or self and self-employ mint only. Thereof ore, I am taking admission aft tar knowing all legal f acts and I will net ere entitled to claim any way or on any ground of recognition and would have e legal status of the board/council. I have e read and understood and accept the rules and regulation, terms & conditions of the Board/Council and agree to abide by them.